They told me I couldn't.
They told me I shouldn't.
And so...I did.

Music Scene

I love music and support our local metal scene as much as possible.  I have made many friends in this scene who never cease to amaze me with their love of music and artistic talent.

Medieval Life

One of my hobbies is medieval armored combat.  I fight heavy (sword and shield) and siege weaponry in SCA and sword and shield, archery, javelin, and spear in Dagorhir,

Online Gaming

Online gaming is where my love for computers and technology began.   It all started back in 1998 in a game called Battletech Solaris on AOL.  I also played Warcraft II Tides of Darkness, Legends of Kesmai, EverQuest, Rift and others. 

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A Killers Confession

October 26, 2019
The Odeon, Cleveland, OH

Small Town Titans

November 10, 2019
Winchester Tavern, Lakewood, OH